Eye Shadow Applying Tips

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 1: Before using eye shadows on the lids, always test the colors on the back of the hand to see the intensity. Remember, pale tones emphasize, while deep sooty shades define.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 2: Choose a primary color (the color you want to stand out the most) and use short strokes to cover your whole eyelid.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 3: The colors should get progressively lighter as they are stacked above your eyes.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 4: Apply just enough pressure to lay the color down without caking it onto your lids. Be especially careful not get too close to the crease or your eyebrows.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 5: Sparingly apply a lighter eye shadow color above your primary color and below your eyebrow. You should be able to cover the entire area in one sweep.

Eye Shadow Applying Tip 6: To give your eyes a 'smoky' look, choose a dark blue, grey or black eye shadow and brush it around the outer corners of your eyes and blend it into your primary eyeliner. Don't stray further than a quarter inch away from your eyes.

More Tips

If you have problem in applying your eye shadow then these applying tips are for you.

Here are a few simple tips and tricks on applying eye shadows. When wearing more than one shade it is best that the colors blend in with your skin.

In applying eye shadows it is best that you donít overdo it. Applying too much or too less might give you the appearance of getting a punch in the face or worse you look youíre ready for the next Halloween.

Applying eye-shadow is best when you dampened a brush for more intense color payoff. Shadows act as a double liner when dipped in Visine.

Never assume that cream shadow is not ready to be used by any person who is not familiar on using it. It is best that you give it the adult supervision so that it wonít be put into waste.

Play with shadow on the crease. Full deep-set eyes look great when you show them off with shimmering and dazzling eye shadows. Almond shaped eyes look great on concentrated lash line.

After using your brush, donít forget to flick it off when you brush off. A simple tap while dipping it will shadow your lids. In this way, the excess shadow doesnít land on your cheeks.

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