Prepare Your Eye Before Applying  Eye Shadow
Prepare eye before eyeshadow

The eyes are said to be the window to your soul which is why eye contact is very important in communicating. Eyes that look stunning are a great plus for anyone who wants to be a good communicator. One way to make the eyes look stunning is through applying eye shadow. Proper application of eye shadow can do wonders for one’s charm.

To fully appreciate the wonders of eye shadow, the eye shadow must complement well-shaped eyebrows. Trim away unwanted hair from the eyebrows so that you can get a good eye brow shape. Once your eye brows are in good shape, choose what eye shadow application would bring the best out of your eyes.

Eye shadows shouldn’t be too flaunty. Eye shadows can be said to really work best when they aren’t what people are looking at. Matching the colors is important in putting on good eye shadow. However, the eye shadow shouldn’t be bringing out colors but the features of your eyes.  A good eye shadow will accentuate the good angles of your eyes. During daytime, light-colored eye shadows work best and during the night, smoky eye shadows look good.

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