Celebrity Makeup Artists Tricks

Angelina Jolie Makeup Eyeshadow Tricks

Celebrity Makeup Artists Tricks

Celebrity Make up artist have learned different tricks from working with tons of celebrities how to make their clients’ eyes pop.

Eye Makeup Tips from Celebrity Make Up Artist Molly Stern

Celebrity Makeup Artist Molly Stern

Eye Makeup Tips from Celebrity Make Up Artist Molly Stern

Knowing what type of eyes you have is the key to really accentuating your look with the help of your eye shadow.

Jennifer Lopez Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez Eye Makeup

Jennifer Lopez is one hot Latina. Not only does she have a thriving music and movie career but also a very lucrative clothing and perfume line as well.

Kim Kardashian Smoky Eyeshadow

Kim Kardashian Smoky Eyes

Kim Kardashian Smoky Eyeshadow

Smoky eyes are one type of eye shadow make up that mostly celebrities can pull off.

Taylor Swift’s Eye Makeup

Taylor Swift Eye Makeup

Taylor Swift’s Eye MakeupTaylor Swift, of the fastest rising stars to date shocked everyone at the 50th Annual Grammy awards by sporting an icy blue eye shadow that really complimented her over all look.

Courtney Cox Makeup Eyeshadow

Celebrity Makeup Eye Shadow Secrets

Many feel that they have some flaws with their looks, and the truth is that stars no exception. Beauties like Beyonce Knowles and Angelina Jolie really make no secret use of their make up styles in order to enhance their looks but do know how to make the impressive use of eye shadows. Eye shadows are designed such that they can in fact attract the attention towards your eyes. A number of male stars also use eye shadows. Apart from attracting it also conceals minor flaws in your eye area.

Cate Blanchet makeup eyeshadow

You need to follow certain tips on how to apply the eye shadow so that it can hide the flaws. Application should be maximized so the effect of the eye shadow could be noticed. Just try priming your eyes before you apply eye shadow to them. You can try applying a layer of bone shadow just over your eye lids so that it couldt even up the color with rest of your skin and if you apply any other color over, it will stand out.

Kate Winslet makeup eyeshadow

Before deciding the right color you need to experiment with several different shades so that you may find the right color for yourself. Most of the shade usually would depend upon the color of your eyes but bronze shade is one that usually goes with most of the eye shade. Blue eyes would look more enhanced using a much deeper blue eye shadow. You can also try to enhance it more by using extra violet, taupe or even gray. Most of the brown eyes can be enhanced with lighter shades and green eyes can be complemented by using similar deeper shades.

Beyonce Makeup Eyeshadow

You could also try using some of the funky shades like slivery or sparkly colors as they give an exotic appeal to your eyes. Just try matching the scheme with the color of your eyes or even your outfit. But always be sure that you get a positive feedback from freinds before you simply try it out in public. There are a number of techniques that you can use to correct all the flaws of your eyes. If you personally feel that your eyes are simply far apart from each other then you can try to minimize it by using different colors on the inner corners and blend it outwards.

Denise Richards makeup eyeshadow

Eyes that are simply too closer to each other can gain impression of distance by using darker colors on the outer edges. In this case you can try keeping inner eye section lighter. You can also try to blend certain colors and make your eyes look much bigger than they normal are by using much lighter eye shadow colors. Eye shadows are multi application use products and can be used your looks and make your eyes noticeable anyway you like.

Freida Pinto makeup eyeshadow

Have you ever dreamed of becoming a celebrity? Or have you ever envy those celebrities with gorgeous make up and wish you could also sport something like that. Well most of us would hire professional makeup artist to do our makeup but in this case we too can achieve that celebrity look in a matter of minutes.

Having celebrity eye shadows can be done in just a few quick easy steps. To start off we would first do the eye shadow colors. It is advisable that you choose eye shadow colors that go well with your skin tone and are with the same family.

Applying the mid tone color using an eye shadow to brush the top right side of the palette with the eye, makes your eye sparkle and dazzle. With the eye shadow angle brush, use it to apply the darkest color on the left side palette by creating a mix from the outer corner.

With the use of the highlighter brush, apply highlighting color, the lightest of them all on the bottom of the palette by blending it under the brow bone. Now you are ready to complete your look by adding mascara to complete your celebrity look.

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