Celebrity Makeup Artists Eyeshadow Tricks

Celebrity Make up artist have learned different tricks from working with tons of celebrities how to make their clients’ eyes pop. Usually, it has always been part of their routine to put an eye shadows primer before any type of make up is applied. What this does is it makes the eye shadow hold onto something which in turn lengthen is life with less creasing. Selecting eye shadow colors usually consist of 3 shades of one color (for example, light brown, medium brown and dark brown). They will use the lightest of the three on the brow bone, the medium color on the lid while the darkest color on the crease itself. This little trade secret does wonder to the eyes, making them pop naturally. For red carpet events, usually make up artists include lining the lower rim of the eye with a white pencil to make them seem bigger. Actually, some even add clear lip gloss to the top of the eye lids to make them shine. Shimmer powder is also used on the brow bone to draw attention to the almost perfect bone structure of the eye area. You will usually see smudging eye liner with the help of a Q- tip nonetheless to make the eye smokier.

Angelina Jolie Eye Makeup Tricks

There are about 5 basic tips that celebrity make up artists remember whenever doing a popular actress’ eyes. First basic rule they all follow is using a primer. A primer smoothens the surface of the eye lids allowing better application. Aside from that, it also gives the eye shadow something to hold onto which prolongs your eye make up. Second thing to remember when doing your eyes is to always bring out your natural eye color. The colors of your eye shadow must be chosen wisely whether they should match or be in contrast to it. One unassuming tip is to leave your brow bone lone. Putting eye shadow on your brow bone can be a little too overpowering. Avoid this especially is you are somewhat inexperienced in dealing with the intricacies of eye make up. Fourth tip that must be remembered is to high light carefully.  High lighting’s main purpose is to set the eyes off. One wrong high lighting move will cause you your whole look so it is better to practice at home to make it perfect. Lat but not the least is to blend everything well. Blending your eye shadow makes them look natural, harmonious and seemingly flowing. This will make all the shades look cohesive from one shade to another, making your eye pop out more.

The next time you go to a beauty store and look on the image of Angelina Jolie with those gorgeous lips and curves. Albeit most of us want that kind of image but got no idea on how to have those kind of thing. Hiring a professional make-up artist is a bit costly since you are just using it for day to day use not for some grand parade.

Here are some few make-up secrets that will turn you into a celebrity.

Make-up artist Matthew Van Leeuwen , tells us that smoky eyes may be sexy but in fact are definitely a no show for fair skinned women. Instead of trying to look sexy with dark colors try using a pale gold shadow; the results are subtle and classy.

 For celebrity shadows, try applying it with the use of sponge for a more natural looking coverage. Make-artist knows the importance of having a face with moisture in it since it keeps the foundation primer on top. With this process, it ensures that the skin looks great all day long.

Using Amazing Cosmetics Concealer is by far favored by most celebrity make-up artist. Concealer is best used with an eye shadow brush applying only thin layers to have that blush that could dazzle anyone you gazed upon.

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