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Grey Makeup Shadows, Are They Made For Me?

Did you know that the fact that most of the gray eye shadows are simply superb and at the same time very much sophisticated? In fact you can just wear it all alone and needs no back up as compared to makeup. It opens your eyes with any color. The shade simply works well during

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[Skin Food] My Dessert Party Eyeshadow

[Skin Food] My Dessert Party Eyeshadow

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the day time and certainly is amp up for the night time play.


When you simply think of the gray eye shadows one would certainly have an impression that it is made only for smoky eyes, but it simply is not true! There are so many different shades in gray the possibilities are simply endless for what ever you can try out with these. The shades can be used wet or dry. You can also try to use the steel metal eye liner that would in fact open up your eyes and never appear as harsh.


So simply take shades of gray that would in fact work out with each other and try having some fun. Life is to enjoy! You can take around three to four different shades of gray and mix pastels along with rich shades. Simply try trading down some of the deep rich shades for a chocolate.


Try applying soft wash to your lid all the way up to your brown line. Try taking some of the medium shades of gray and apply it to your lash line. In day light it simply would feel you go more darker. Try loading your brush with third shade and then press it into your crease. Try to cover it outer to inner. Try blending deeper shades and extend it above the crease lining. Remember that using mineral shades simply pat the color and simply tends to go everywhere and it certainly does go a long way.


So when you in fact have eye shadow colors that just look like you want them to, it certainly is time for you to start with your eye liner. Try using most of the non dominant hand you have. Apply gently stretching outwards and try angling it to separate your eye lashes. While you do this try anchoring your elbow on a table try using pencil to draw tiny lines and do individual lashes at a time. Try using flat brushes when applying as it certainly draws well. Try pulling till the base of your eye lashes but do it slightly.


This would simply help you look much fuller and darker. It my in fact not sound like you are wearing eye liner. In fact you simply need something that is water proof so that you donít lose it. So by using some of the softer shades of eye shadows, you can even try wearing lip sticks that are in fact a lip gloss so you may in fact succeed in adding more colors to your smoky eyes. The prime reason is that smoky eyes are simply the ones that stand out best and nude lips are the best options. Simply the soft sheer shades of gray that you might have used surely looks best. There certainly can be no match to it.


So if you certainly have those smoky eyes just think it over as you certainly have the killer eyes and only try using eye shadows as your most powerful tool.

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