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Creating An Entire Smoky Eye Look

Smoky eye shadows simply come in a variety of shades and colors and have a matte finish. So if you ever want a basic look you can simply apply some of the best smoky eye shadow on to your lids. Most of the smoky eye shadow can simply be used to create a very smoky look to your eyes or can also be used to create a basic look. You simply need

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to remember some of the basic tips when actually applying some of these smoky eye shadows. A few of the minor changes can simply help you from day to night.


Smoky eye shadow simply come in a variety of colors and has a matte look. So, if you simply want a basic look try applying some of the smoky eye shadow on your lids and if you need an average barer look try using only smoky eye liner along with it.


So if you ever need to use smoky eye shadow as a liner try using an angled eyeliner brush so that whichever hand you use it will always be perfect. Try using shadow as a liner on most of your upper lashers only. If you need a more muted effect try using smoke eye shadow dry. You could also use wet or intense type depending on the looks you want. All of these are certainly appropriate for both day and night look. Try using colors that simply work with your skin color and also your hair as most people avoid hair.


But if you are in fact very much fair this effect can certainly look very much harsh on you. You use a smoky eye shadow to create a smoky eye look. So the first thing would be to try and cover your eye lids. Try to blend it along with the crease. Take your angled brush or even your eye liner brush and try to apply it as liner may be dry or wet. Try using a very short tipped as that certainly is the best option and use it muted instead of thickening it and try to line it just under the bottom lashes.


Try different ways of application and be sure what looks the best. If the shadow is a bit dark then try using powder so that it can lighten it up a bit. Just remember to pat a bit on it. So if you want you can try using liner along with it to highlight it. But when using liner try using a dark one but it has not to be black. Try to vary the colors so use charcoal gray and finish your smoky eye looks.


The looks can simply be variations of smoky look but the traditional look simply calls for smoky eyes only. So if you have a very fair skin you can try to use lighter colors. Some of the tricks can certainly go with a lighter colors also. But at the same time try using dark liner and mascara. This certainly is the right stage to look at your idol and start working.


You can try to experiment with your looks and eye shadow for both day or night. Day or night certainly makes a difference here. Experimenting can in fact be Smokey eye shadow Purchased Recently:
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