Eye Shadow Mistakes

We may not be the best make-up artist in the world but it is best to know the most common errors when we apply eye shadow to ourselves.

First and foremost, it is not advisable to put heavy make-up on your skin when you have enough. Less make-up is best for you according to DuWop’s advice. Less is more and more means less. So it is advisable that you put less eye shadow makeup according to your face.

The second would be applying wrong shade foundation. Famous make-up artist Bobbi Brown commented that one of the biggest mistake women do is applying wrong shade foundation. Using wrong shade foundation makes yourself look like you were wearing a mask. A little tip from Brown is that in choosing your foundation, and if you actually see your foundation then it is a signal that it is not the right shade for you.

Lastly would be applying the wrong make-up with wrong lighting condition. Pat McGrath has worked with many top Hollywood artists and commented that this would be the biggest mistake that all women could have made.  As a tip, she advices women to set their make-up table near a window to see how they look like in real weather conditions.

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