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Cream Eye Shadow 101

Cream Eye Shadow

Compared to powder eye shadows, cream eye shadows are easier to blend, are more crease resistant and definitely last longer. The application is no issue too. You can use only your fingers in applying cream eye shadows, unlike powder ones that need a brush. Some people choose to use cream eye shadows as a base then add the powdered one on top. You can do that too because as of now, there are more available colors in powdered eye shadows. For a majority, applying this form of eye shadow can be daunting. It might feel a bit foreign at first but as soon as you figure out the ropes, you will realize just how easy and limitless this make up is. The texture of the product combined with the heat of the finger will make the blending smoother. When you decide to use this as a base, keep in mind that right after you put on the cream eye shadow, you must quickly brush on the powdered one. This will allow the powder to be absorbed by the cream that will help it last longer through out the day. You can experiment and mix up the colors you have to experience all that this product can offer.

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INGLOT COSMETICS Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow #13

INGLOT COSMETICS Aquastic Cream Eye Shadow #13

Price: $16.00
Time Left: 36m

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