Tricks of applying the perfect eye shadow

When you are learning how to apply eye shadow to your eyes especially when you are doing it for the first time it is very much important that you do choose the right color and style of using it. If you make a tiny mistake, the masterpiece of your face may simply appear dull and unflattering. No matter what ever cosmetic you choose but picking the right eye shadow and its application technique is the very first step you need to learn.


Eye shadow color simply needs to match with the color of your eyes and also the skin tone. Usually it is preferred that the color of the eye shadow has to be more dark as compared to the color of your skin and at the same time it should also make your eyes sparkle. So if you simply choose the exact match of your eyes it may make your eyes appear more dull instead of creating a sparkle look. The fact is that blue eyes may look appealing with browns and copper instead of purples and pinks. Green eyes may tend to sparkle when used with light brown or purple.


Beautiful hazel eyes may simply look amazing with green or even purple but the shade has to be light. Women who have brown eyes may simply pull most of the colors like purple, green, brown or even blue. But if you those lavender eyes then you can simply make them look lovely but donít try to drown them with dark colors.


So when ever applying eye shadow try tapping excess of powder using a brush. Try applying small amount of makeup so that it may help built some amount of hue as it certainly would enhance the looks. You may also apply more color but removing the extra amount may certainly be very much difficult. The same principle may also work when using cream eye shadow but you need to keep in mind that cream eye shadow may easily crease.


If you need a more natural and powerful look try using multiple shades of eye shadow. Your eyes may certainly look great if they are allowed to accentuated and certainly not if they simply appear like a block of color. Try applying base hue along with mid tone and accent hue. Using exact placement of three shadow hues would certainly depend a lot on the shape of your eyes and also much on the look that you want to create.


Most of the base hue is certainly the darkest so it needs to go in most of the areas you want to get noticed. Mid tone simply blends most of the base along with your skin color and help it give a natural looks. Accent hue certainly highlights the delicate parts and is mostly used near upper brow. So if you try using the perfect combination of all three hues then you can certainly give a very appealing look to your eyes. You need to remember that choosing right color hues and applying it properly is very much important.

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