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Guerlain Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow

Ultra chic and practical, this Ombre Eclat eye shadow from Guerlain contains 4 delicate eye shadows that smoothly glide on the eye lids. As a new generation of palettes, it provides 2 strong colors and 2 delicate yet striking neutral shades that allows the user to adjust their look depending on their mood.

Ombre Eclat Eyeshadow

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It can also be used to create various color harmonies that not only go with your outfit but also emphasizes your eyes sophisticatedly. This type of eye shadow plays with the contrasts between iridescent and matte with various visual effects such as metallic, powdery, opalescent or creamy. This means that you have a multitude of looks to choose from based on just these 4 shades. The lightest shade is pearly which makes the eyes sparkle. The velvety- textured shadow of the palette is best for the base shade while the medium, (the slightly deeper shade) is used to give the eyes greater intensity and depth. The contour, which is the richest of the four, is a dark intense shade that gives structure to the over all look. Complete for any look you want to achieve, Ombre Eclat 4 shades from Guerlain provide an elegant uniform finish that lasts all day long.

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