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MAC Royal Assets come in one royal looking compact with six different but well rounded eye shadows. For $ 36, you get 6 different shades, namely the Sunday Best (ivory with frost), Nobility (light pink taupe), Retrospeck (bleached blonde) Star Violet (earth touched pinkish- brown plum fusion), club (muted reddish brown duo chrome combined with green opalescent shimmer) and the show stopper (which is the neutral dark brown).

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This palette which is encased in an antique looking make up compact with cream porcelain plaque and royal crown motif is more on the warmer tone which are harmonious colors that are ideal for green and brown eyes. Elegant and luxurious, if the packaging does not get your attention, maybe the color palette can. But if you want to explore more different MAC Palette eye shadows, you can look into cool eyes (that have colors such as Medallion, modern heir, queen’s jewel), metallic eyes (that have Palatial, Majestic and knight) and also try out smoky eyes (with Silver fog, honey lust and manor).  Very much royally inspired, do not throw away and replace the small brushes that come along with these compacts as they are actually MAC brushes that were made small enough to fit in this tiny container.
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