Matching Eyeshadow

If you want the ideal eyes, then you should use matching eye shadows. You should have an idea of the right color combination of eye shadows that match your eye color.

Here's a handy little chart to help you figure out what colors of eye shadows would best suit your eye color:

For Brown Eyes

Complementary shades of slate blue, grey and plum will help brown eyes stand out.

See contrasting colors for brown eyes.

For Green or Hazel Eyes

Complementary shades of pink, salmon, mauve and brownish-pink will help green eyes look even greener.

See contrasting eyeshadow colors for hazel and green eyes.

For Blue Eyes

Complementary shades of brown, camel and taupe will help blue eyes appear even bluer.

See contrasting eyeshadow colors for blue eyes.

For All Eyes

Complementary shades of navy or charcoal base to define and a powder-blue shadow for highlighting your eyes. 

All eye shadows must be completed and defined with a matching eyeliners. See complete list of eyeliner colors.

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