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Petal Essence Eye color duo is Aveda’s premium eye shadow. Because this flower wax infused eye shadow comes in two complimentary colors that are color true. Users world wide have claimed that this eye shadow is crease resistant and does not easily fade, unlike tons of other eye shadows in the market. This is also ophthalmologist – tested so consumers should not even have to worry about a thing when it comes to their eyes. And because of that, Aveda made it a point to rid this product of talc and mineral oil too. To top all this off, a floral scent has been infused with the said eye shadow to really make it a point how this product is actually of petal essences. [Continued below...]

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The packaging is also a hundred percent recycled as it comes from post consumer recycled clamshell and paper sleeves. The only drawback to this wonderful product is that it comes as is. What I mean is, it does not come with a regular compact like other eye shadows are packaged with. But fyi, it is actually for a good cause. Aveda claims that they decided to manufacture this without a compact so as to promote the re- use and reduce of unnecessary waste. AVEDA (eye shadow,eyeshadow,OMBRE A PAUPIERES,ombretti,Sombra ojos,Lidschatten) Purchased Recently:
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