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Body Shop is a line of cosmetic products that has been in the business for years now, providing products with natural ingredients enhancing one's beauty. With its many outlets in many countries, 61 to be exact, is named as the second largest cosmetic franchise in the world. The wide range of face and body makeup Body Shop provides include lipstick, lip gloss, lip shimmer, lip liner, mascara, foundation, a variety of brushes, eye shimmer, eye liner and of course, eyeshadow.

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Eyeshadow Body Shop has a range of colors. It is available in Mushroom, Burnished Brown, Calico, Sea Green, Khaki, Granite, Pistachio, Damson and Amethyst. All of the eyeshadow from Body Shop, regardless its color, has a creamy texture that is produced from the silicone treated powder. This texture leaves... [Continued below]

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a silk finish which glides over the eyes when applied. Community Traded Marula Oil is also contained in Eyeshadow Body Shop making it more suitable for a healthy looking skin as it is rich in oleic acid and Vitamin E. However, these are not recommended to those who have allergy to Lanolin, a type of wax which is used in some cosmetic products such as in Body Shop's eyeshadows.


In applying Body Shop Eyeshadow, simply use a brush and rub it gently over the powder. If there are any excess, just tap the brush over and sweep it over the eyelid once, twice or as much as necessary.

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