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Naming products with over the top taboo names will definitely give it more attention. That is probably the marketing strategy why the cosmetic company called Benefit decided to name their latest line of eye shadows like such. Referred to as the velvet eye shadow line, it comes in a square compact with a white transparent window that shows the eye shadow itself. The texture of the eye make up is velvety soft (where they probably have gotten the name) and smooth to the touch. It comes in 10 shades
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Benefit Eyeshadow

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Benefit Velvet EyeShadow .11 oz RAINING MEN (unbox)

Benefit Velvet EyeShadow .11 oz RAINING MEN (unbox)

Price: $9.85
Time Left: 1d 12h 25m
Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream EyeShadow

Benefit Cosmetics Creaseless Cream EyeShadow

Price: $6.83
Time Left: 1d 19h 35m


Price: $10.00
Time Left: 1d 23h 26m

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with very naughty names I have mentioned. There the bikini line (which resembles desert sand), leggy (pink nude satin), fawn over me (café au lait), rich beach (looks like brown sugar), buckle bunny (rose mocha), where there’s smoke (smoky pewter), gimme sum plum (iced plum), dandy brandy (copper spice), like what you sea (misty blue) and their newest addition misty blue (golden mulberry). Saucy right? And the formula is ultra light which for sure will make you feel that you are wearing nothing, especially for the summer. It looks natural, fun and fresh and you might be surprised how there is next to no fall out. A good investment, you’ll surely enjoy telling your friends about how gimme sum plum just complimented your outfit.

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