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Truly a versatile product, it would seem that Bobbi Brown’s eye shadows really give emphasis on her make up philosophy that aims to make the users looks as natural yet as refined as possible. Her eye shadows are one of the products that really focus on bringing out one’s natural beauty without having to cover over it. This handy cosmetic is somewhat more expensive than other eye shadow brands but in all honestly, it’s about twice the size of them. And it comes in a sleek flip top compact that can be used either individually or assembled into your very own palette. [Continued below...]

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BOBBI BROWN Luxe Eye Shadow Rich Metal - Melting Pot

BOBBI BROWN Luxe Eye Shadow Rich Metal - Melting Pot

Price: $11.92
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It is incredibly chic and easy to apply as its formula is a silky matte that allows easy application and blending. The only drawback for Brown’s eye shadow is to get the most of it; you should really consider buying the dedicated brushes also sold by Bobbi Brown which are around $ 25 a piece. But consider this as an investment of looking good without looking fake. And although most of her eye shadows are brown in nature (maybe to pay homage to her family name, who knows?), there is a diagram  provided by her company that suggest the best eye shadow color depending on your hair.


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