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When looking for Eyeshadow Clarins, your choices are the Soft Cream Eye Colour, Color Quartet Eyeshadow, Mono Eyeshadow, and Nature Temptations Eye Palette.


Clarins' Soft Cream Eye Colour is an iridescent formula that provides crease-free, shimmering color in highly pigmented mini-tubes. Its super creamy and ultra-light color stays on skin for a long period of time. In applying one of the six mini-tubes of eyeshadows which contains Vitamins E and C for protection, simply dab cream over the eyelids using your fingertip and blend up to the eyebrows and towards the temples.


Clarins Soft Cream Eye Colour Eyeshadow

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Colour Quartet for Eyes is the ideal choice if you want to play with colors, and if you are good in blending, shading and mixing different shades. As implied in its name, Colour Quarter has four different shades which can either be applied individually for a more natural look, or be applied with two or three other shades for a more sophisticated style.  In applying the eyeshadow, start with the lighter shade over the whole top eyelid using an eyeshadow brush or your fingertip. Follow it up with a darker shade on the outer corner of the eyes. Its active ingredients include an anti-pollution element for eyelid protection against free radicals and light.

Clarins Colour Quartet Eyeshadow



For a texture with exceptional instant color effect for the eyes, there is Clarins' Mono Eyeshadow. It comes with a matte, satin and pearl textures. Each is good for illuminating the eyes with pure color. When applying it, better dampen the brush first to achieve a more intense look. Similar with Colour Quartet, Mono Eyeshadow also contains anti-pollution active ingredients.

Clarins Mono Eyeshadow

A color palette for ultimate sophistication is the Nature Temptations Eye Palette. The palette contains six different eye shades all in pure, soft colors and embossed with a nice floral designed. All the six eye shades can be blended easily with their ultra fine texture, perfect for creating depths of colors without looking too heavy over the eyes. Aside from anti-pollution complex protecting the skin from UV rays and free radicals, there are also anti-dehydration ingredients contained.

Clarins Nature Temptation Eye Palette Eyeshadow

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