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With CoverGirl, you can select among their collection of matte, pearl, shimmer and sparkle shadows presented as  Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadows, Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadows and Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows.


Eye Enhancers 1-Kit Shadow is a simple, single shade created with an advanced, and stay put formula. It is offered in Bedazzled Biscotti, French Vanilla, Aqua Paradise, Mauveberry, Forever Fig, Pink Chiffon, Champagne, Mink, Sterling Blue, Sapphire Sparkle, Snow Blossom, Platina, Swiss Chocolate and Tapestry Taupe. Mix and match with these sparkly shades is easy as each blends easily to enhance the natural beauty of your eyes. For a day look, a matte shade is recommended while contrasting pearl and sparkly shades are ideal for an evening allure.

Sparkly Shades


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Eye Enhancers 3-Kit Shadows, as you may have guessed, contain 3 shades that are custom-picked by CoverGirl's makeup professionals. The shadows which easily blend with each other, are designed to give your eyes classic looks without overshadowing. For a day look, simply smooth a  medium shade from the lashline up to the eye crease and blend a deeper shade slightly above it. To create a look appropriate for an evening setting, pick the lightest shade and sweep it from the lashline to the browbone and apply the deepest color near the lashline. For a more defined application, blend the shade into the outer eye crease.


3-Kit Shadows are available as Cafe Au Lait, Shimmering Sands, Golden Sunset, Sea Glass, Dance Party, Firecracker, Blazing Blues, and Dazzling Metallics.

3 Kit Shadows
CoverGirl's widest color selection is presented in Eye Enhancers 4-Kit Shadows. Just like with 3-Kit, the shades combined here are hand-picked by the cosmetic line's professional makeup artists. Shades are categorized as Enhance which is ideal for subtle eye definition, and Blast for a stand out style. Under Enhance, there are Country Woods, Urban Basics, Blossoms, Pure Romance, Sheerly Nudes, Crystal Waters, Drama Eyes and Coffee Shop. Under Blast, the choices are Typical Fusion and Dynamite Drama.
4 Kit Shadows
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