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Hard Candy Eyeshadow


A highly pigmented and rich eye shadow, Hard Candy’s eye shadow quartet comes in a sleek silver compact with four really intense colors. Included in this pack is a base color, high lighter, a crease color and a liner. These eye shadows offer a wide range of options as each shade is so diverse. This means that there are many opportunities to use this eye shadow, almost close to limitless. The fine, soft powder allows easy blending and application. Since the darker shades are designed to be triple pigmented, it is no surprise that they are in fact long lasting. But if you want to really make sure of your eye shadow’s longevity, just use an eye primer with Hard Candy’s Eye shadow quartet. To properly use this eye shadow, it is suggested that to prep the eye lids first with a base powder, then applying the eye shadows next with the use of a sponge applicator. For lining and definition, it is recommended to use the angled brush. This eye shadow can also be used dry or wet, depending on how dramatic or casual you want your eyes to be. At a price less than $15, Hard Candy’s eye shadow quartet is not only affordable but will surely make your eye pop.

Hard Candy Eyeshadow Quartet


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Hard Candy Long Wear Eye shadow Primer Cream

Hard Candy Long Wear Eye shadow Primer Cream

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