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A truly versatile product, Lacome’s Color Design Sensational effects eye shadow are long lasting. Designed by Lancome make up artists through out the world, this cosmetic eye make up is said to be formulated with an exclusive Micro Air technology that results in the ultimate blending and smoothness when applying.  It feels silky smooth and luxurious to the touch, and actually stays in place effortlessly. It is available in a chic palette of various shades in five different finishes. These finishes are dazzling metallics, the twinkling shimmers, soft yet illuminating sheens, and intense pigment packed shades and of course color rich mattes. The only thing to worry about in this eye shadow is the slightly high price. At $17 a piece, this may seem a little too over the top.  But with the large selection of vibrant colors and tones, you won’t even notice how your wallet has become a little lighter. Experiment with the colors, learn how to blend beautifully and see for yourself how long lasting they really are as you realize that there is no need to touch up any more. If professional make up artists around the world trust in this product, why not you too?

Lancome Eyeshadow

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