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Laura Geller Makeup Eyeshadow

Laura Geller has created eye make up that has undergone a unique baking process. With a number of different color combinations, finish and textures, you will be sure that when you use Baby cakes eye shadows your eye will definitely light up. These marbled eye shadows smoothly glide on your eye lids just like a cream. It stays on for hours, looking as fresh as you have applied them on. Each of the four colors provide in the palette can be used to compliment any eye color. For added effect, you can even choose to use this eye shadow wet or dry. And if that wasnít practical enough, any of the four colors can also be used as eye liners as well. To use this product, just sweep your eye shadow brush over the color you want to use and apply on the eye lid accordingly. To make your eye pop out more, it is suggested that you ass a lighter shade over the eye lid and a darker tone along the crease and the outer corner of the eye. For a smoother and longer lasting eye shadow, Geller suggests using a slip on prep coat of her eye spackle. Gellerís baby Cakes baked eye shadows are $ 36 each.


 Laura Geller Baby Cakes Baked Eyeshadow



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