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If you’re not into lackluster colors such as beige for your face—then Pop eyeshadow is exactly what you’re looking for. Pop is an innovative and inspiring cosmetic brand, aiming for results that are show stopping.


The Pop Lid Neon kit gives your eyes a bright dose of fresh, neon colors with a velvet matte finish. This kit contains an assortment of six bright and unique shades of Pop eyeshadow—pretty pink, ripe orange, juicy yellow, bright blue, pastel turquoise, and apple green.


The Pop Lid Pastel kit contains eyeshadow that is just as silky and long lasting, but come in sorbet pastel colors for those who would rather stick to the softer side of colors. The Pop Lid Pastel kit contains six pastel colors of sheer almond, baby pink, glowing pistachio, lovely lilac, glistening opal, and soft yellow.


The Eye Pop Trio is one way to make Pop eyeshadow application absolutely foolproof. The Trio comes in eight different combinations, with eyeshadow shades that blend seamlessly with one another, without creasing or fading.

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Pop eyeshadow is silky and long lasting, and come in vibrant, punchy shades. This brand of eyeshadow aims to create trends, and appeal to people of all ages. If you love color, then Pop eyeshadow is the way to go.
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