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For the past 20 years, Prestige Cosmetics keeps on top of the latest trends, and transforms the newest runway looks into beauty products that can be worn everyday, and for absolutely any outfit and occasion.


Prestige Cosmetics introduces Prestige eyeshadow, which is a non-creasing, wet or dry formula that combines micro-fine powder with high quality pigments.


Prestige eyeshadow offers an assortment of trend setting colors such as Mink, Ivory, Sandstone, Ebony, Coffee Bean, Spearmint and Velvet. Prestige eyeshadow allows you to create a silky smooth application, that not only allows you to look great, but it allows you to look great all day long. By applying Prestige eyeshadow with a wet brush, you can create a dramatic smoky effect that lasts longer on the eyes—perfect for someone who is traveling, or has a full day of activities. Prestige eyeshadow also has colors available with sparkles, perfect for those going out at night. [Continued below]

Prestige Eyeshadow


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3 Prestige EYESHADOW Ebony Passionfruit .08 oz ea @

3 Prestige EYESHADOW  Ebony   Passionfruit  .08 oz ea  @

Price: $16.19
Time Left: 19h 20m
Prestige Eye Shadow ONYX C-96 Sealed

Prestige Eye Shadow ONYX C-96 Sealed

Price: $4.99
Time Left: 1d 12h 34m
1 Prestige Eye Shadow SERENITY C-239 Sealed

1 Prestige Eye Shadow SERENITY C-239 Sealed

Price: $4.99
Time Left: 1d 12h 35m

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Prestige eyeshadow is one product that is easy to apply, and is just as easy to remove. It blends very well, and works well with all skin colors. Prestige eyeshadow works great on all types of skin, no matter how sensitive. It is a very affordable beauty product, making it a must have for your makeup kit. PRESTIGE (eye shadow,eyeshadow,OMBRE A PAUPIERES,ombretti,Sombra ojos,Lidschatten) Purchased Recently:
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