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Smashbox is one cosmetic brand that is familiar with professional makeup artists all over the world. Smashbox eyeshadow is one of quality beauty product that is no exception.


The Smashbox eyeshadow trio is a palette of three well-coordinated hues—one base shade, a contour color, and a highlighter. For those new to wearing makeup, this is a definite must-have. It comes in ten shades, some of them being Center Stage, Head Shot, Microfilm, and Shutter Speed.


The Waterproof Shadow Liner Duo is one quick way to achieve a sexy, smoky eye. This type of Smashbox eyeshadow uses an innovative formula that keeps it crease-resistant and long lasting. It glides over the eyelid smoothly and evenly, emphasizing your eyes effortlessly. The two coordinated shades come in four different palettes of Goddess, Slate, Cashmere, and Smolder.


The Untamed Waterproof Shadow Liner Trio is a completely waterproof and crease-resistant product great for wearing all day long. These shadow liners come in vibrant shades of the tropics of Savage and Exotic.


The Muse Artist Eye Palette is a one-of-a-kind mirrored palette of 10 shades of Smashbox eyeshadow. Use this if you feel like an artist experimenting with color and becoming your own muse. [Continued below...]

 Smashbox Eyeshadow


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SMASHBOX Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio - DAY RATE

SMASHBOX Photo Edit Eye Shadow Trio - DAY RATE

Price: $12.99
Time Left: 1h 45m
smashbox cover shot golden hour eye shadow duo

smashbox cover shot golden hour eye shadow duo

Price: $2.00
Time Left: 8h 17m

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Eye Illusion is a quad of Smashbox eyeshadow that gives you a shimmery, ethereal look. It soothes and protects the eyes with Vitamin C & E.


Eyelights is a palette that three contains color-coordinated shades that light up the eyes. Bright studio lights inspire this line, which is why the three palette colors are named Beam, Flash, or Strobe.

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