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One eyeshadow from Too Faced is Lockdown, which is a cream eyeshadow that is extremely to use. This eyeshadow is composed of intense metallic pigments, combined with an anti-crease base. As its name suggests—this is one product with extreme lasting power.


Shadow Duos is eyeshadow that contains a perfect combination of a rich shadow color with a shimmering and brightening highlighter, which result in a glamorous eye. This eyeshadow from Too Faced is long lasting, and is resistant to creases. The product is available in 17 different shades, some being George & Weezie (Icy Gold & Bronze Pearl), Boy Toy (Frozen Roses & Pink Duo-Chrome), and Party Girl (Crushed Amethyst & Frozen Sand).


Too Faced also has Single Eyeshadows, which is a long lasting crease-resistant, and pigment-drenched eyeshadow that comes in extremely stylish, chic shades that offers endless combination options. Examples of Single Eyeshadow shades are Glamazon (Silver Fawn), Dirt Bag (Dark Chocolate with Golden Sparks), Blonde Ambition (Shimmery Gold), and Temper Temper (Deep Merlot). [Continued below...]

Too Faced Eyeshadow

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Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette NEW!

Too Faced The Chocolate Bar Eye Shadow Palette NEW!

Price: $85.49
Time Left: 1h 58m

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Baked Eyeshadow is another innovative product from Too Faced. Futuristic and opalescent pigments are baked into a silver-domed shadow that when mixed together, produces a smokey-eye alike no other eyeshadow. Some shades of Baked Eyeshadow are Super Nova (Peach Pink), Cocoa Comet (Powder Pink with Green Shift), Shooting Star (Gold), and Deep Space (Cobalt Blue).

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