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Bare Escentuals bare Minerals eye shadow does its best to enhance your already beautiful eyes without any creasing. Applying this eye shadow can either be wet or dry. What this does is it gives you a broader choice whether the look you are aiming for is dramatic or subtle. And you can even mix and match with other eye shadow shades available to create your eye masterpiece for daytime or night time. This eye shadow is loose mineral which some people are intimidated with but itís actually very easy to use. [Continued below...]

Bare Escentuals Eyeshadow


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Generally, bare Minerals eye shadow are good stand alones but since they can be used in layers, why not go crazy? You are allowed to layer two or more eye color shades you want to add the rich contrast that will create great texture and depth. Here is a tip though, to look as sophisticated as you can, why not opt to use 2 eye shadows of the same shade family? Start from the inner corner of the eye with the lighter of the shades. Apply it halfway across using a very good aye brush. Grab the darker shade and then complete the rest of the lid and you are done. bare escentuals (eye shadow,eyeshadow,OMBRE A PAUPIERES,ombretti,Sombra ojos,Lidschatten) Purchased Recently:
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