Taylor Swift’s Eye Makeup

Taylor Swift, of the fastest rising stars to date shocked everyone at the 50th Annual Grammy awards by sporting an icy blue eye shadow that really complimented her over all look. To re – create this alluring make up at home, just follow the steps I am going to be enumerating. First thing to do is smooth MAC’s Paint Point in Painterly evenly on your entire eye lid. After letting it dry, blend a neutral shadow from the lash line to the brow bone with a hind of sparkle. With the use of a smudgy light blue eye liner pencil, apply it to the inner corners of the eyes as well on the lower rash rim. Now once that is done, use a deeper blue to the outer edges of lids, some what mimicking a cat eye shape from the outside of the lower rim until the crease, Use a clean shadow brush to blend these 2 eye shadow colors together. Lastly, remember to line the upper eye lashes just like the outer corner of the lower lashes with navy shadow like Make Up For Ever in Metallic Navy Blue iridescent # 81. Just add false eye lashes with 2 coats of mascara and your done.

Taylor Swift Eyeshadow Makeup

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