The Right Eyeshadow For Your Eye Color

Most of the ladies might have gone through this a lot of time, after spending nearly hours of shopping in a boutique you finally picked up an eye shadow and you just thought that it would certainly look great on you. When you reach home you discover that its all finished. You may discover that either the color does not match as it is too bright or just too dark or sometimes the shade is not what it looked like in the boutique.


Most of the times you simply get stuck with the wrong color but that certainly does not mean that you have to keep on repeating your mistakes all the time. So, just for you ladies, here are a few tips and tricks that would in fact help you to choose the perfect color for your eyes.


A number of women simply like using colors that are in fact very much intense and bright there certainly is no problem with using such colors but that fact still remains that most of the bright colors are simply difficult to match your skin tone or even your eye color. Most of the neutral colors simply tend to blend with the color of your skin and eyes. Neutral colors simply tend to move best from palette to your eyes and they also maintain their true color shade. You must have noticed that a neon pink shade eye shadow simply looks one shade in the palette and different when you brush your eyes as it does change slightly.


This certainly is very much normal as your skin tone is affected to a greater extent. Most of the neutral colors simply blend naturally and also maintain their intensity when brushed to your eyes. So, you in fact have to consider a number of guidelines when actually choosing your perfect eye shadow. Most of the women who have blue eyes should try using tans and soft brown along with pink and sandy undertones. Women who have green eyes should always try to use brown shades and khakhi shades along with yellow undertones. Women having brown or black eyes should try to use charcoal and brown shades.


When choosing eye shadow trying to compliment it with the color of your eyes may certainly not be a good idea as exact eye color matches makes no sense. So women who have blue eyes should never try to match it with a blue eye shadow as most of the women do. This certainly would be the same for any eye color. How would it look if you wear a pink shoe with pink dress and carry a pink purse? Certainly you may feel as if you belong to the eighties. Try using dark colors around your eyes with lighter shades as it certainly may highlight your eyes.


Using dark colors may make your eyes appear smaller and lighter colors may simply open up your eyes. You can also try using ivory or pearl eye shadow it certainly will give a great look and most people may even appeal your looks. It certainly is very important that when choosing eye shadow for your eyes you should always try choosing the right color. You can also try using new shades as who knows you may even get good results with experiments.

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