Three Shade Eyeshadow

Using eye shadow can be tricky business. Not knowing how to put it on can either make or break your whole make up and outfit. Basically, you have to use 3 shades of eye shadow. You can use more if you want but in general, it won’t make such an impact. The first shade you should use is dark color shade.  Apply it only to the eye lids from the lash line and until it reaches the crease of the lid. This creates a shadowy dark base. The second shade used should be medium color. Applied just below the eye lid crease to the brow bone, you have the option to use this first to coat the whole eye lid. The last shade should be a light color eyeshadow. As the lightest of the 3, this creates a high light illusion that gives of a pearly finish. Apply this from the brow bone until it extends past the outer end of the eyebrow. Although these three color shades are mandatory, keep in mind to choose colors that compliment your eyes. Ideally, eye shadow should be darker than your skin tone. Choosing the exact same color as your eye will create dull monochromatic effect so experiment more to find out what colors really suit you.

Three Shades EyeshadowEyeshadow Application

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