Eye Makeup Tips from Celebrity Make Up Artist Molly Stern

Knowing what type of eyes you have is the key to really accentuating your look with the help of your eye shadow. Celebrity make up artist Molly Stern breaks down what works for different eye types that can really help you look more like your favourite celebrity. First type is the deep set eyes. For people that have deep set eyes, their eye shadow must consist of pale and shimmery shades. Just familiarize yourself with sweeping a light shade across the ld, from the inner to the outer corner. For those with wide set eyes, create an effect of closeness by applying deep shadow shades from the inner to the mid lid. Right after that, start applying a lighter shade from the mid lid to the outer corner and blend the area where those eye shadows meet. For people with close set eyes, make them pop pot more by appearing wider by adding a pale shade from the inner to the corner to the mid lid. Apply a slightly deeper shade after from mid lid to the outer corner and also blend the two shades as they meet. For those with Asian eyes, bring out their beauty by creating a thick smoky line on the top lashes. Make sure that the line is thick enough to be seen even with the yes opened.

Celebrity Makeup Artist Molly Stern

You are going out for a night in town but you have no idea how to do your eye make up. If that is the case, do not worry because here is the solution. Coming from Molly Stern herself, she gives us a couple of tips concerning eye shadows. First is how can you differentiate which eye shadows are for day, and which are for night time. Knowing which is which will help you look more appropriate no matter what time of day it is. Of course, during the day, you would not want to look a little too over powering. Just choose medium eye enhancers 1 kit shadow and smooth it over your eye lid from the lash line, all the way to the crease. Blend a deeper shade of eye shadow into the crease and also slightly above it. For night time though, this is when you can let with your eye make up. Make sure that its shade is dark and dramatic. Start to sweep a light eye enhancers 1 kit shadow from the base of the lashes up until the brow bone. Right after that, start putting on a deeper eye shadow in the eye crease and blend.

Molly Stern Eyeshadow Guide

Being in the make up industry for years has taught Molly Stern how to utilize her make up and her abilities. Having worked with tons of celebrities from Many Moore to Ellen De Generes has taught this artist how and what to do in terms of making the most of make up she has got. One tip that can be very useful is adding water. Did you know that by just adding water to your eye shadow palette, you can create different effects you never thought possible? Molly Stern breaks down how this can work. First thing to do is to wet your applicator tip. Dip it in the eye shadow shade of your choice. Dipping your applicator in water turns the eye shadow darker, giving you a more dramatic shadow effect. She even says as a Pro – tip that try applying dry shadow to the lid, then the wet applicator. Dip it in the same color and start drawing a line close to the upper lash line. What this will do is give you’re a subtle contrast of shading that will surely make your eyes pop and stand out. And you even have created a sort of high lighting with only one shade.

Celebrity Eyeshadow Contrasts

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